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A Friends Collection: Part V


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This one is a very interesting blade to look at in person. It has a hamon which appeared flamboyant to my amateur eye. This was tough to picture using a mobile phone on a table only having the light through the windows, but I hope it is at least a bit visible in the pictures. This one was extremely heavy to handle, especially in comparison to the others. I really liked this one a lot. There is one bad though, the top mekugi ana seems to be drilled and I thought it was made to make it fit to the koshirae.









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Hi Georg.


Well the blade is signed Kiyonobu, again quite a pleasant koshirae.  I don't think this is katana length, is it?  Might be worth looking up Mino Kiyonobu, from memory he sometimes does a hamon that looks like what we can see of this one.



All the best.

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Thanks for sharing these.  Georg, your friend has some nice blades, all but one of which are hand made true samurai swords it appears.  I agree with Geraint's quick, but clear comments.  I gather you are surprised by the few responses.  I suppose that you are spoiled by having the first sword you post on NMB turning out to be a "sleeper" Kiyomaro.  That certainly gets our attention and excitement!


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