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A Friends Collection: Part III


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This one was very special to me. Not only the Koshirae was wonderful to look at with carps as an overall theme, but I also highly enjoyed the naginata shape with the hi.










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Hi Georg.


Not naginata naoshi but a standard hira zukuri ko wakizashi, assuming that it is more than 30 cms nagasa.    I can see why you like the koshirae.


All the best.

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@Grey Doffin, thanks for the translation! Would you mind telling me which Masatoshi this is? I got several results for smiths with this name, hence my question.


@Geraint, the koshirae is very cool to look at, especially since additionally painted on. Re the length, for what I remember this one was slightly above 30cm, so very short.

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Hi Georg,

No idea which smith signing with these characters for Masatoshi this is; sorry.  I do know that he isn't found in any of the references included in The Index of Japanese Sword Literature, so, short of a shinsa and I wouldn't expect much from that, you won't be able to learn much.


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