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A Friends Collection: Part II


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Referring back to the original thread where I posted general information:

This is now the second blade of his collection. What I missed to picture with the blade in this thread here is the wonderful saya/texture on the outside. It is not only lines, but has several times applied what looks like roses to me. The blade looks to be quite out of polish and has been remounted a few times. Tsuba of this blade has a signature on it too.








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Dear George.


I think all of use are screaming internally about those nice finger prints near the kissaki.  We are lacking dimensions and a full picture of the bare blade but from what little we can see this looks like an o suriage koto blade in what looks like very pleasant koshirae.


The tsuba is signed Yamashiro no Kuni Fushimi ju Kaneiye.


All the best.

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Not my fingerprints since I did not touch any of the bare metal - didn't see them in person, otherwise would had wiped it though. Thanks for the translation of the tsuba signature! So this one is muromachi period?

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