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Late War TYPE 3 red saya Yoshifusa

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For sale a very uncommon late war TYPE 3 with a red saya, made by Seki smith Yoshifusa dated 1945(Showato). What's even more rare is the blackened fitting are bronze brushed which I showed in the pictures as well. Tsuka is in excellent condition with two mekugi-ana. Very small Seki stamp which i tried to picture the best I could.




Overall condition is very good with some minor spots on the blade here and there and the saya as well but nothing that detracts from it's beauty. This is a beautiful piece for almost any war time collector as often these painted pieces are not in good condition, and most of the bronze brush is still intact. One of my favorite Koshirae but unfortunately looking to upgrade and get a papered piece.




I've tried to take as best of pictures as possible but if you need some more or have any other questions just message me.




Asking 1300$ shipped CONUS









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Added picture of Seki stamp
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Hey guys, FYI, I didn't buy this particular sword from Marco - I bought a different sword from him. So, this "Yoshifusa" Rinji Seishiki should still be available. It was a pleasure doing business with Marco!

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is it possible the saya was repainted, maybe by a vet bringing it back?  It seems there is paint on the fittings and that seems wrong if it was painted then assembled as it would have been in Japan


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Sorry Bruce, nothing on the nakago mune.


Hello Mark, the paint I believe to be original and not done post war. This piece originally had a leather cover but was deteriorated to the point that it was removed by previous owner who is on this forum. While I've only ever seen this one and one other painted Saya RS, both of them were painted with the fuchi attached in the same fashion. While the coloring on custom 98's is almost always perfect, both colored type RS I've seen have been good applications but not perfect. 

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