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Tsuba - Real or Fake - Please Help!

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Hello Everyone,


New to the art of Japanese Swords/Tsuba and just came into possession of one. New to the forum here so please forgive my ignorance. Curious to know if anyone can help me with the authenticity of this Tsuba?

I'm not sure of it's real, because of the many and rather unusual ornaments, bought it from a collector though.

Thanks in advance for your reply and I look forward to finding out more about this piece. 

Kai R.



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welcome to the NMB forum!

Congratulation to your first purchase of what looks like Japanese art, but what may be a cast copy of a TSUBA. More close-up photos and different angles would help to solidify my guess.

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It says

二条堀川住 - Nijō Horikawa-jū 

顕珠作 - Kenju saku


It means Kenju of Nijō Horikawa (a section of the city of Kyōto) made this. 


It actually looks like it was cast from a mold, rather than hammered and carved. Cast replicas of real tsuba are very common. 

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