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Buying from group members

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Please tell me what is the normal way, when you buy from other group members. Does one pay the whole sum in advance or is it split in two halves. Second half on delivery.I see that some members are beeing warned against.

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This depends on the seller. Most of them accept PayPal but will usually ask you to pay "as a friend" or add an extra 4% to cover the PayPal fees. Some others only accept bank transfers because they refuse to deal with PayPal.

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Hi Anders,

Speaking only for myself and my website, I accept either form of paypal (although friends is always appreciated), personal or bank checks, bank wire transfer, and am willing to try something else if the customer requests it.  I usually have payment in full before I ship but I do allow my customers to make time payments to ease the pain of an expensive item.

Cheers,  Grey

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Hello Anders,


Thanks for posting this topic and asking this question. I am a long time member of NMB since 2009. I think I was reading posts on the website as early as 2006 before Brian was Administrator but I was not registered as a user. I completely agree with Brian statement. 

On 7/26/2021 at 12:24 PM, Brian said:

Full payment in advance would be standard. A payment plan should only be considered if the member has a long history with lots of references.

For all sales I go through my business as it has an established set of best practices outlined on the Terms and Conditions and the Shipping and Returns webpages. You can check it out here: Terms and Conditions and here: Shipping and ReturnsFeel free to private message me if you have any specific questions.   

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as a buyer and sell over many years, i have done mostly full payments , but once with a very kind seller let me do split payments and another seller let me do a payment plan, the conditions were if i backed out i loose all moneys, if i was unreasonably late i loose moneys.


it went very very well. never had a bad deal on the NMB, ony one or 2 time wasters but hey thats life

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