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Questions on a WWII blade with Sho arsenal stamp

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I did some research and it looks like the signature on the sword matches that of a sword smith named Yoshiaki. The signature matches this:


There is another sword smith from the same time who's name is Mashina Yoshiaki and his signature is different:


I have been able to find information about Mashina Yoshiaki but have not been able to find any information about the Yoshiaki who's signature is on the sword pictured below. Is it possible that these are the same person? In addition to the signature there is a Sho arsenal stamp.


As a newbie to this I'm interested in any feedback on my findings and any opinion if this sword was made following traditional methods or was perhaps machine made. It appears to me to be in good shape. I am interested in this as a collector and in using this for practicing Iaido. The owner is asking $3000 US for this and I thought that was too expensive.


I would appreciate any feedback on the sword,  my analysis and guidance on the asking price.









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Hi Larry this is a showa-to non traditional blade in a civillian Koshirae.  My best guess it was used for iato or cutting around.

$3000 is astronomical for this sword. Run away from this sword and spare your money.

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You mentioned that your interest is as a collector also.  The gunto is worth collecting (possibly Iaido also), so I think Chris' comment about running away was concerning the price only.  These gunto normally run in the $1,400-1,800 price range, so if the seller is willing to come down, and you still like the sword, go for it.  But like Chris said, his price is double the market value.

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