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Need Assistance with Sosho Please...

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「囗囗刻」 seems like a good start; a signature telling us who engraved the item. Somebody carved this.


保 feels very close, and it works as a part of a name...so far so good. The first one doesn't fit the sōsho version of 歌, so it should be something else, but I can't figure it out. If it were a sword I would cycle through the common kanji found in swordsmith names (Kane, Yoshi, Masa, etc..) to see if it looks like any of those, which, unfortunately, it doesn't. Sorry I couldn't offer anything substantial. 

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Still looking...  I may have found the first one = 羅.  So 羅保刻?  Now, second one doesn't feel correct (but third is correct).  Any further assistance on the second kanji?


Tori Mei.jpg

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