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Ryuminsai special order made Tanto for sale


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we must create space for new investments....


up for sale is this broad thick super rare "order made" showa Tanto by Ryuminsai Kanetomo


signed: Dai Nippon Gunma Ken  Tomioka shone Dan Kozuke Junin Ryuminsai Kanetomo which reads:


"Gift to Tomioka Boy scouts in Gunma Prefecture of Imperial Japan" Made by ryuminsai Kanetomo.



Tanto is in untouched very fine condition in its original polish

Nagasa is very long for a showa Tanto 27 cm


jitetsu: fine Ko-Itame  strong ji-nie




Hamon is one side Togari, other side Gunome-ko choji with choji deep ashi ,saka ashi..


Blades made by Ryuminsai Kanetomo are extremly rare to find, ecspecially a oder made large Tanto




Price is 2.700,00 USD


feel free to ask questions..








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KANETOMO (兼友), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Gunma – “Kōzuke-jūnin Ryuminsai Kanetomo saku” (上野住人龍眠斎兼友), “Ryuminsai Kanetomo Nyūdō kore o saku” (龍眠斎兼友入道之作), real name Kiribuchi Yūji (桐渕又市・桐淵又一), gō Ryūminsai (龍眠斎), he worked as rikugun-jumei-tōshō and lived in Tomioka´s (富岡) Nanukaichi (七日市), he also made gunsui-tō, kihin no retsu (Akihide), First Seat at the 6th Shinsaku Nihontō Denrankai (新作日本刀展覧会, 1941), chū-saku


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