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My first purchase


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I am a new member, beginner collector and still learning so please excuse the mistakes. I purchased this sword from a colleague of mine. He was not able to provide many details about the history of the blade. He said that he had added the mounts from his collection (Tsuba, fuchi, menuki, Kashira). The blade is unsigned. I'd be interested in any information that can be determined from the photos provided.  I will post some questions about the tsuba in the Tosogu forum.




Larry F.







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we can't say too much with these photos, what little can be said about it:
nakago with 3 mekugi holes (which rather indicates a long and beautiful life) and a beautiful patina. 
the hamon seems to be an irregular gunome (with the little that we see)

I would say muromachi for the time.

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Thanks for the guidance. I finally had some time to complete the Kantei sheet. All the information should be taken with a grain of salt but FWIW here are the results:


Type: Katana

Mei: Mumei

Total Length: 81.6 cm

Nagasa length: 66 cm

Kasane: .47 cm

Motokasane: .635 cm

Mihaba: 2.54 cm

Motohaba: 2.85 cm

Sakihaba 2.2 cm

Weight: 629 grams

Mekugina: there are 3

Sugata Type: shobu-zukuri

Hada: Itame 

Suri: 1.58 cm

Suri Type: Toriizori

Kissaki: O-kissaki

Mune: Iori

Hamon: Gunome   (possibly Gunome Choji)

Nakago: Suriage

Yasurime: Kiri


Given this information and my research I would agree that the this is most likely from the Muromachi period. I'm not qualified to make any other classifications. 


I can say that it was challenging to make out the details and I'm wondering if that is a result of polishing. For example the Hamon is visible but you have to manipulate the viewing angle to see it clearly. Would a better polishing job bring out the Hamon and the other details?






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Hi Larry

i think the condition of your sword is not bad. With a good light you will see all what is shown on  the blade. I think too it is a mid/late muromachi blade in the bizen style. On the last picture i see a proud kirikomi. Overall the blade was often polish over the centuries so i would not go with a polish. Preserve it in that state.







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18 hours ago, lnf said:


Mekugi ana: there are 3

Sugata Type: shinogi zukuri


SORI: 1.58 cm

SORI Type: Toriizori





I have allowed myself to make some corrections. I hope that helps you with learning the vocabulary! :)

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