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Horrible, Silly, Museum Translation

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Cleaning up after the unexpected departure of our pack-rat (ex) curator, my little WW2 museum in Abilene is trying to make sense of the jumble of junk left behind in his office.  German, Italian, and French is easy, but then we find things like this that...might be interesting WW2-related paperwork, or the warranty for a old radio.  If it is garbage, please just say so!


Thanks yet again,







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Cool...that would go with the Chinese parachute we found in the stack of US chutes, for some reason known only to him.  Thank you very much!

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As other guys said, It's a manual of parachutes (Model 3) for domestic Chinese army use. You might find it interesting the factory that made this parachute.

  The 国营五二0厂(Official name 宏光机械厂 Hong Guang Machinery Plant),is State-run ,under the 航空工业部 Ministry of Aviation Industry,they borrowed the idea of Russian parachutes , use the metal parts from used American, German,Japanese's parachutes, design and made the very first parachutes(Type 110) for PLA in 1951 October. The factory now called 南京宏光空降装备厂 Nan Jing Hong guang  Airborne Equipment factory.

   In 1950.9.17, PLA Airborne troops were established. After 11 days of training, on 9.29, the commander of the First Airborne battalion 崔汉卿 Cui Han Qin, was the first one to jump out of the plane.



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