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Help with the Identity of a Mon on a High ranking Gendai

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Just a question Volker,

Who is the 'high ranking gendai' maker...any photos?


About your mon...I have the reverse problem.  I have a gendai with the mon taken off, but even though I have the name of the owner of the sword (KUME), no book shows any mon for this family name ..so maybe mine was a "hanko" (name character) mon?


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Two flowers opposed in a diamond, within a thick diamond (kuginuki?) frame .

The question is, which flower?

See ken-katabami example, but imagine it was katabami without the ken. (The petals have indents at the tips, suggesting also 梅 ume.)

二つ割カタバミ菱 Futatsu-wari Katabami-bishi


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Dear George


I don't want  to disappoint your curiosity.....


Its a Yasukuni-to made by Kotani Yasunori in december 1938, in my collection since 1998.


" I like the answer from lonely panet best, Exactly my thing


very very helpful:clap:

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Uwe, yes, I agree, but I have been unable to find an example of such a Sakura Mon that I could link to. 


We have to remember that by WWII, 80 years after the end of the Edo Period, people were freely creating new versions of Mon with distant links to ancestors on either side of their families.


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