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Shinsaku-to for sale


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Dear All,

I have been contacted by a collector wishing to move on some of his collection (a different one to the one previously mentioned). Amongst his swords there is a really beautiful Shinsaku-to but 25th generation Kanefusa.

This is an area where I have absolutely no experience and don't know anyone who collects modern blades. However this does look to be a beautiful piece of work by a very competent smith.

If anyone is interested please send me some contact details via pm and I will put you in contact with the owner. Details listed below

Signature: Nijyu-go dai Fujiwara Kanefusa saku. Heisei 3 nen 11 gatsu kichijitsu. 
Polished, in a shirasaya. 
Era: Gendai, the Heisei period. November, 1991. 
Length  72.5cm. 28.54 inches. Width 3.37cm. 1.33 inches. Curvature 1.6cm. 0.63 inches 
Shape: Broad mihaba, thick kasane and longish kissaki make a good shape. 
Horimono: Bo-hi is carved on the both sides of the blade. 
Jitetsu: Jinie and chike appear on the itame-hada. 




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Hi Barry,

Because of the nature of the previous sale and this one I had already cleared with Brian that I would not be able to give any price information. Normally I would be happy to do so (as I have always done in the past)

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