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Help with inscription on a Japanese Vase

Ronin 47

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I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me translate the inscription on this Japanese bronze vase? My lack of practice is showing on this one, so I am afraid I have not made too much progress before giving up. Below is my best crack at it, and the pictures of the inscription below. Any and all help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!


爲松誉鶴定尼 ( Think I may only have the first two and last three kanji correct here, so not sure what it says?) 

追善 (Tsuizen, remedy?)

施主下浦広 (Owner Hiroshi Shimoura?)

昭和十年三月 (March of of Showa ten (1935)

十三世 ( Twenty third generation?)

教誉代 ( Not sure about that second kanji, so bit unsure what the meaning is, I guess it could be teach honor for the ages, or something like that?)


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I'm guessing its a vase that is used for gravesites


爲松誉鶴壽定尼  The first character (tame) means "for". The following characters look like a posthumous buddhist name
追善   In memoriam
施主下浦弘  From Shimoura Hiroshi (the person presiding over the funeral)
昭和十年三月    March 1935
二十三世  23 years? 
教誉代  ?  Priest's name?


誉 is the abbreviated version of an older, out-of-use kanji. 

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爲松誉禅定尼  - For Shoyo Kakuju Zenteini (I think it's a female buddhist name)

二十三世  教誉  - I think this means 23rd 'incarnation/generation' Kyoyo (?monk name)


edit Ah Steve beat me to the punch

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Well, that is a bit morbid. 


I found it at a flee market and thought it looked like a nice chinese-style bronze-vase, but certainly wouldn't have purchased it if I knew its actual purpose. I guess I need to practice my kanji some more :laughing:


It would be nice to return it to the family or the at least the gravesite it came from, but I guess that might prove difficult. Just for clarification, would this have been used to burn incense or put flowers in? Kinda hoping its not the family-urn, albeit I guess that is another possibility?   


Thank you both for helping out with the translation!

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My feeling is that it is not the urn for the ashes (thank goodness).

In my experience the urn for the ashes is ceramic, larger than this, and is without any writing on it.


The writing on this object means it was meant to be seen - so probably a flower vase that sits on the family gravesite. 



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