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7 hours ago, Toryu2020 said:

Tip up for tachi - tip down for katana...


Well, this gets us into the difference between Tachi and Katana. I did not know about this. Historically, when did the Katana become more popular? Or did it. The Tachi came first, right?

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If it is your sword you can display it how you like. (Including cheap and chippy Chinese creations from Amazon!) 


The conventional way, which seems to suit most of us is to display katana horizontally in a rack with the edge up ward, tachi with the edge down, in other words the sword appears in the orientation that it would have when worn.  This means that the koshirae is seen the right way up.  Handachi would hence be displayed as worn.  If you are going to the trouble of buying a tachi kake then use it for a tachi, just like the one that Christian showed us.


If you don't have Japanese stands then modern ones are easily available, failing that get a local woodworker to make some to your specification.  As you can probably tell I wouldn't put any sword of mine on one of those that Peter linked to, there are questions to be asked about Chinese manufacturers mass producing articles in 'Ebony' not to mention the stability of the design.


Oh, and for Ray, take a good deep dive in here, https://studyingjapaneseswords.com/


All the best.

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