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Tsuba Tosogu Collection Sale 50+ Items


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On 10/7/2021 at 12:31 AM, Spunjer said:

Never mind. i just saw the .pdf files. didn't realized it was being sold as a pair.

I can split the set, no problem. Let me know which one you need sizes and pics, dai or sho. Sho is cleaner and dai comes with an NTK paper.

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17 hours ago, Spunjer said:

Hello Alex,
i'm looking for an F/K for my katana, so if you don't mind, could you please give me the size of the Dai. is that the one with the gold highlights?

Hello Ron,

Here you are.



Internal: 1.3x0.73x0.54

External: 1.5x0.95x0.60

NA: 1.02x0.29


Internal: 1.16x0.56

External: 1.31x0.77

Yes, with gold highlights is the larger one.



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Few more items for sale.

Prices for others above were revisited, inquire please.


Manzai performers menuki
Tsukkomi and boke performing at a New Year celebration, very nice work
Price: USD 450



Centipede kozuka
Signed “Aoka saku”
Beautiful work, minute uniform nanakoji.
Price: USD 700

Jofuku kozuka
A story of a Chinese attempt to colonize Japan when although the fleet was steered within sight of the magic islands, the boats were driven back by contrary winds.
Mumei Kyo-Goto
Nice work in a classic formal iebori style
Price: USD 250




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