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beware seller sengoku_54jp

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I know this guy. He’s a dealer, (not a historian or collector) and moves a lot of stuff. He uses whatever tricks are currently in fashion, and will pull something without thinking twice if he doesn’t like the price realized. Different rules to/from the West.

There’s some good stuff mixed in there too. Caveat emptor.

Better luck next time around! :thumbsup:

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Contacted JAUCE about this; it is perfectly acceptable as far as they are concerned.  The problem (I think) is private deals can occur with large volume bidders; lets say you have a limit bid of 25,000 yen, but the auction only goes to 16,000 yen (and you are leading bidder).  The dealer knows another dealer who will pay the price he wants, 20,000 yen.  Piece is pulled, deal is made, and since JAUCE can not legally divulge a bidders maximum offer, your willingness to pay 25,000 yen does not get you the item.  JAUCE says the reason is that they do not allow "reserve" prices, so anytime you see an item at 1, 100, 1,000 yen as a starting price (to encourage auction fever), be aware that the if the final price is "too good to be true", it will be pulled.  The only dealers that do not do this either start with a high initial auction price, or have an even higher initial auction price and a BIN price.   Have run into this on at least 4 occasions in the last 4 months where I was highest bidder; one time I bid 14,503 yen; the dealer pulled and relisted it on his site with a starting bid of 144, 999 yen at end of auction.


John T.

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