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hagire with NBTHK hozon

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When the NBTHK accepts something they issue a notice that tells you it was accepted and what level it is.

That is a placeholder until the papers are published.


Until the paper is shown, or that receipt is shown, the only text I see on this site is that "Hozon paper will be issued later."

So, let's not be blaming the NBTHK when this dealer has made mistakes on their site from copy/pasting old listings to quick start a new listing (I reuse my research articles too), and there is a possibility of miscommunication. Without seeing either proof of passing or the paper itself, I'd withhold judgment and wait and see.

They clearly put in a picture of an NBTHK envelope at the bottom of the listing that has nothing to do with this listing since the paper is not issued yet (and, not issued yet may be because it's not even been applied for yet, they could have gotten the sword, banged it out at warp speed like they usually do and threw it in the papering queue assuming it would pass).

Do note that if you buy a sword as a dealer and wait for the papers to be issued, or at least the proof, you go through a four or five month cycle in which you can't sell the sword. In this case there is no doubt the sword is genuine so I would speculate that they just processed it and queued it and assumed the papers will come.

But who knows.

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It is true that the camera sometimes detects things the human eye cannot.


I operate on the theory that we are all human, therefore we all make mistakes. It's what we do about our mistakes that determines who we are. I recently bought a holster for a Baby Nambu (a VERY expensive piece of leather) that turned out to be a very high quality fake. The pics on the dealer's website looked good, but in hand I discovered several subtle issues that gave it away. I wrote a detailed explanation to the dealer. He thanked me, refunded my money, including shipping both ways, and never put it back on his website. A class act.



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On 6/27/2021 at 1:35 PM, Ray Singer said:

Sometimes a blade will receive kanteisho in old polish and restoration will expose a previously unseen hagire. A friend has an excellent blade which was expected to be a juyo candidate after restoration. After a mukansa-level polish, a hagire was visible in this previously papered blade. It is a Shinto blade, not so old that the NBTHK would have made an allowance for the flaw. The shinsa team simply missed seeing this issue. 


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Yes, to reiterate again the Masatsune was only posted as an example of one way a sword could have both an NBTHK kanteisho and a hagire. This post was opened to discuss the Emura. I received a follow-up and correction from Kazushige Tsuruta (not Kazunari Tsuruta) below.

Dear Mr. Ray Singer.
Thank you very much and we found these Hagire.
I'm very surprised that NBTHK issued Hozon Token.
Generally, they check the Hagire and return the sword as saying Hagire.
We do not sell the sword.
Again Thank you very much for your advice.
Kazushige Tsuruta

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