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Fake or fiction?

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Sorry to post things that may be fake (rather than good stuff) but it makes me really angry when I see sellers describing swords that, some would consider, not genuine.


Noticed this sword at....




Now I am far from an expert (no, REALLY far), but there are a number of things I see in this sword that, in my mind,  don't equal "antique" "Origin Japan" 'WW2 1939-45' etc.  The seller has 100% feedback so that makes me cautious.  I have been wrong many times in the past, most recently with a fake 95 (looked genuine 🤔 but clearly accept the concensus ).


So do you think its a rip-off low down fraudelent listing or a genuine gunto in all respects?




PS ...I have absolutely no desire to purchase it.


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Thanks Tom and Paul.


Dave, leaving others bits out at the moment, in regard to the blade do you think there's anything incorrect with the ...

1. (lack of) lining up of the Ha-machi and Mune-Machi,

2. the exceptionally pointed nakago-jiri

3. the rough file marks on the nakago

4. The strange shape of the Ha- machi

5 and the very 'almost vut not quite 'aged nakago


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Thanks John and Jean, this cements my view. 


I like many others look at Ebay in addition to many other sites and I would just encourage people who strongly believe something to be an obvious fake particularly where it is 'supported' by eaually rediculous and untrue statements, to report it to the business that operates the site.  If we all do that then maybe...just maybe ...one day they will listen and do something about it.



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I'll add this to another episode of the NMB's "Fact or Fiction" show - from the invaluable auction site:




What do you guys think? I'm thinking it could be one of those Polish-made fake 95's that have been discussed here. To be fair, the seller does state "Unauthenticated" in the description.

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