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WWll Official Document ??


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I was recently shown the document below and am thinking it is some type of official document from the WWll era. The owner of the document was told it was either a promotion or award document.

I'm not looking for a full translation , but just a basic idea of what it is, and of what potential historical significance it may be. Any information will be greatly appreciated !

As always,

Thank you in advance,

Dave M.

2021-06-26 11.10.27.jpg


2021-06-26 11.09.50.jpg



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Yes from my understanding this is a proclamation of a few promotions, from Meiji 41 (1908) - pre-WW2. Not sure of correct translation of the imperial court ranks


Promotion of the Director of the Shokun-kyoku (Awards Bureau?) Ogyu Yuzuru from a lesser 2nd rank to 1st rank Count (edit: here is his wikipedia entry https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/大給恒)

Promotion of Secretary Yokota Kanae from lesser 4th rank to 3rd rank

Promotion of Secretary Fujii Yoshigo from lesser 5th rank to 4th rank


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This is the awarding of the "Order of the Sacred Treasure, Silver Rays" to Satō Yūtarō (could also be read as Tomotarō), who was a customs officer. 

The guys that Matt mentions (on the left of the document) are the authorizing parties and their ranks and titles. 



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