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star stamped show blade

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And many thanks @paulb for adding another prefecture to the list of prefecture-specific katakana numbers!  Suzaki Kaneyoshi of Akita prefecture. 



The Japaneseswordindex.com  lists him under:

Suzuki Kuninori
(aka Suzuki Kuniyoshi)


Does that mean Kuniyoshi changed his art name to Kuninori or vice versa?

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Glad to be of help Bruce but in truth it was purely accidental. My kanji reading is rubbish at best and when it gets to later script as on that sword I rapidly throw in the towel. Hope the info is of use.


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Fortunately for all of us, we have this place to take our questions to.  And fortunately for research, guys bring these blades to the forums.  It is the primary source for my surveys.  Guys like Richard Fuller, who had hundreds of blades to inspect in-hand, are really rare today.  It is only because a guy has a question, or the occasional one that just wants to share his new acquisition with the group, that these items are available for searches.  Who knows how many hundreds of blades are sitting in homes, with valuable information, that we will never see because the owner simply isn't curious or has no questions that need to be answered!

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On 6/26/2021 at 8:41 AM, paulb said:

Having been looking at this with some friends and can't work it out.


I would like to know the date of this sword.  If dated, can a picture of the other side of the tang be posted?

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