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Possible Bizen Yoshii school blade

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The school I narrowed it down to was Yoshii. I am not sure. Wishing to share with others to see what info out there can help. The blade is Mumei and had been cut down. There are remnants of filing marks on nakago that gives a good indication of how long this blade was at one time. Measurements: Nagasa 68.5cm, nakago 21.75cm, sori 1.8cm, motohaba 3cm, sakihaba 2cm, kissaki 2.75cm, motokasane 0.725cm, sakikasane 0.5cm. Pics best describes the hada and hamon since blade is in excellent healthy condition 


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I think Yoshii could be a plausible call but of course confirmation by experts would be the best way to go.


I am not sure what is putting me off about the polish, perhaps the hadori seems to be overpowering and creating too much contrast? Might just be the pictures of course too.

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Not a specialist, but I personally would be very sceptical on Yoshii. Like most Bizen, Yoshii likes groupings of two, here we see clearly periodicity of three gunome-togari-choji-whatever you call them. That's Mino trait.

Muromachi Yoshii, rare as it is, can have rough hada like here, but one would still hope for utsuri, and also rough hada examples would see some of this roughness going into hamon as well, you would see some nie patches etc. Earlier hada would have stronger itame flavor.

The polish gives off non-traditional vibe.

I personally think this is towards the end of Muromachi, something provincial like Wakasa, I don't know if one can be absolutely precise.

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