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Wakizashi mei translation

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Hello gentlemen, 


I'd be glad if someone help me with the translation of this wakizashi mei. It's just pop-up from one  kitchen knives dealer in my country. I think it's Shinto, Kanbun. It have decent polish and new shirasaya and habaki but no paper, and its probably gimei, sinse comes from Japan just few days ago.


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11 minutes ago, Blagoy said:

It's definitely gimei. A lots of missmatch in the mei. 


Blagoy Kirilov

I'm not so sure of that to be fair, there were multiple (3 or 4) generations of Echizen Kanetane, and your mei looks quite similar to the one in the link (3rd gen I think). Plus to my knowledge I don't think Echizen Seki is that often a victim of gimei

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