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HOATE (half mask) End of the Muromachi period


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I would like to share with you on some samurai objects, for several years I have been collecting mainly elements and armor from the Momoyama Muromachi period or earlier (when it is possible to find it of course), the Edo period produced superb armor real objects of art but it is the historical and warlike aspect that fascinates me.

I am obviously interested in your comments, clarifications or possible corrections on my descriptions.
The first object is a Muromachi hoate which is quite simple in design but very natural in shape:


Hanbô-shaped natural iron half-mask, covering half of the face and excluding the nose. The gorget (yodarekake), from edo period, consists of 4 lacquered metal blades joined by dark blue silk cords.
Half masks from the Edo period only offer defense on the side of the cheek, this one is designed to cover even near the nose in front of the face. Half-masks from such an era are rare pieces.
The narrow size of the nose opening immediately suggests a very old date, also confirmed by iron corrosion, which allows the object to be dated to the 16th century end of the Muromachi period (1336-1573).
What appears to be a kirikomi (combat mark) is present on the back left side of the mask
The general shape of the mask is very similar to a model drawn in the Meiko-zukan-zokushu signed by Yoshimichi and the hanbo by Takayoshi in the Orikasa collection. The curved lip and well-balanced lines follow the same design , as well as the sweat drainage tube (ase nagashi), here we find an otayori to fix the helmet lacing and wick away the sweat.







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