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Tsuba purchase 3


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this one seems to be a handmade one. 

Your question 'Should I stop buying?' can only be answered by you. If you have lots of money, you could buy loads of TSUBA and post them here, so with the comments there might be some learning as a result. Buying books and looking at many (high quality) TSUBA from other collections might be another option. In your case you could try to get into contact with other collectors and let them guide you a bit.

Don't look at the age of an item. This is not as relevant as quality.

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Hi Adam,


When I first started buying tsuba I did the same as you: it’s easy to get carried away by what seem like great bargains compared to swords. However, it’s also easy to end up with lots of low quality items. 

If you’ve not done so already have a look at this thread which has lots of great quality items to help train your eye.



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