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Wakizashi shape question.

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I noticed this a bit strange shape of a wakizashi. I was wondering if my eyes are right, it feels that the proportions are a bit of, long kissaki also... 


I feel, I need some more education in this one ūüėÄ








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I believe that your eyes are o.k., but the photos should have had a dark background so you would have seen the MUNE of the blade.

The blade's SUGATA is probably a form of¬†SH√ĒBU-ZUKURI¬†(ŤŹĖŤí≤ťÄ†): Basically a¬†shinogi-zukuri¬†without¬†yokote¬†where the¬†shinogi-ji¬†drops off towards the¬†mune. This rather sharp looking interpretation reminds of an iris (Japanese¬†sh√ību) leaf, thus¬†sh√ību-zukuri. A¬†sh√ību-zukuri¬†is mostly seen on¬†tant√ī¬†and¬†wakizashi¬†of the Muromachi period and there are two different kinds of¬†sh√ību-zukuri:

At one the shinogi meets in moroha-zukuri-manner the very tip of the sword (see picture below) and at the other, the shinogi runs like the ko-shinogi up to the mune, just without a yokote.  (From Markus Sesko)


Or it is a normal SHINOGI-ZUKURI where the YOKOTE has been lost . But from the pictures I get the impression that the MUNE is quite narrow.

On the SAYA of this sword, there is a piece (of black horn?) missing on the KOI-GUCHI. Otherwise a nice item, if you have the means to have it polished.

The auction house gave a wrong spelling of the smith's name: It is KANETSUNE.

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For what it's worth I think this is actually  shinogi zukuri blade with an o kissaki.  When I enlarge the auction house images I think I can see a yokote.  Have to agree with Jean, this would look really good if in proper polish.


Let us know how this goes, Bjorn.


All the best.

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