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Mei menpo


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Hi Jiri,


right side is “中八幡源武保” (Nakahachiman Minamoto Takeyasu). Late Edo period!

Left side in a few minutes....


”七十六才造?” (Made at the age of 76?). Cannot make out the last character and not sure about the 六...but almost....

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3 hours ago, Bugyotsuji said:

Good work guys. 79 is a ripe old age to be fashioning metal!!!

That’s true Piers!


Yes John, you are right! Sometimes you staring on these kanji and all you can see are strokes...:laughing:


Jiri, can you please post pictures of the menpō?!

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And our friend Sasama said:

Takeyasu (武保)
Nakahachiman Takeyasu (中八幡武保), late Edo period, lived in Edo.
He was an armourer of the Hachisuka family (蜂須賀) who were daimyô of the Tokushima fief (徳島藩) of Awa province. His income was 4 koku and a stipend for the support of three persons. There is an iron black-lacquered navy blue sugake-laced gomai-dô-gusoku by Takeyasu extant whose kote are signed „Ashû-shin Nakahachiman Takeyasu kore o saku“ (阿州臣中八幡武保作之), the suneate are signed „Ashû-shin Minamoto Takeyasu kore o saku“ (阿州臣 源武保作之) and the haidate „Ashû-shin Takeyasu saku“ (阿州臣保作). We also know signatures of the kind „Ashû-shin – Minamoto Takeyasu kore o tsukuru“ (阿州臣・源武保造之).

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