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An important and sought after WW2 smith ISHIDO TERUHIDE, is usually on the must have list of gendai-to collectors. The sword listed here ticks many boxes for collectors. There are no stamps, and no date, and is signed in the short mei, ISHIDO TERUHIDE SAKU, usually a sign of his better swords. 

The blade has no defects, and any spots you can see is surface staining. In fact this sword is in war time polish, evidenced by being "UBUBA". I am sure if the lucky owner decided on an inexpensive SHIAGE polish, a stunning sword would be revealed, as there is only very light stains and scuffs. 

These days many gendai-to are showing up in shirasaya only. Not this one! It is in WW2 koshirae, with premium, complete matching fittings, and the sword as a whole is in an as found condition, with the patina of war and age, not perfect, but shows the honesty age and use. 

Just a couple of things that make this sword so enjoyable, is the premium pierce tsuba and sarute, complete seppa set, undamaged ito, and the beautiful longer KISSAKI. 

At just AUD3000, delivered express with tracking, there is a lot to enjoy.   










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