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Civilian Sword Translation Please

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Photo is upside-down, just to let you know! Also, for purposes of identification, can you get the following:


Tip to tip picture of the bare blade (without the metal collar "habaki" )
Close-up picture of the very tip of the blade (kissaki)

Close-up of any activity in the metal's surface near the cutting edge "hamon"


Some measurements would also be useful:


Length of entire blade, length of cutting edge, length of tang, curvature of blade (google how to measure "sori").


With that, you should get a much better idea of what you've got!

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from Markus book:

MASAYUKI (正行), 1st gen., Keian (慶安, 1648-1652), Bungo – “Hōshū-jū Fujiwara Masayuki” (豊州住藤原正行), he was a descendant of the kotō-era Bungo Masayuki lineage and according to tradition the son of Saneyuki (実行), he changed his name later to Mitsuhiro (光広) and belonged to the Aizawa family (藍沢), dense ko-itame, suguha mixed with ko-ashi, some interpretations remind of Hizen-tō, chū-saku

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