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‘Daishi’ (大士) 

95 x 90mm 


Very large iron plate with excellent surface treatment and a rich chocolate brown patina.

It is unusual that this tsuba does not have any kozuka of kogai ana, and as such remains unaltered from the original plate.

The hot stamp bears the characters for 'daishi’ (大士) which can be read to mean 'great warrior'. 



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Wild goose and the moon

85 x 79mm

A large, well forged iron plate with great iron work and a pleasing patina. 

The silver goose is done in takabori and contrasts well against the sukashi moon and clouds, which are decorated with gold and silver nunome zogan. 




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Crane and pine

70 x 65mm 

*This tsuba comes with NBTHK kanteisho attributing it to ‘late Akasaka’.*

A very pleasing design with a crane and pine trees in abstract form. 

The surface of the iron is very smooth and reminiscent of the Kamiyoshi school, the design is also in the Higo tradition, as is common in late Akasaka work. Comes with a box and pillow. 




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Kuroda kamon

75 x 71mm 


A heavy iron plate with fuji (wisteria) carved in relief, which is often seen in Choshu work.

The fuji is styled in form of the Kuroda clan’s kamon (who were a prominent samurai family who ruled over Fukuoka  and Himeji). It is very likely that this tsuba was made for a samurai of the Kuroda clan.



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58 x  56mm

A very small and fine yamagane plate which, from the carved nakago-ana appears to have been mounted on multiple swords through it’s life. Stylised chrysanthemum with 12 petals. There is a small crack on one of the ‘petals’ at the bottom as can be seen in the photos, though this does not detract from the aesthetics of the tsuba. 



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Thanks Bjorn. I have now changed the text color. I had written the text before and copied it into the forum, but it came up in black and as the forum is grey it wasn’t easy to see, so I changed the text to white to contrast against the background. However, a friend also informed me that he received an email notification with white text on a white background. Hopefully it will be more visible now!

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When you copy and paste, you paste the original fomatting. Doesn't work on forums that have different themes. Paste as plain text.
If in doubt, paste it into something that doesn't keep formatting....like notepad. Then copy and paste from there. The forum will compensate for the various themes people are using.

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