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Up cycling


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The cabinet made that was shown on the NMB by Richard P a few weeks ago was superb. This is for us lesser mortals so not in Richards league but a nice project

I bought a coin cabinet that the draws were messed with and too small for tsuba so I needed to make all new draws. This was a cheap wat way to house a lot of tsuba


Images in the order shown.

1 - The bought coin cabinet with 24 draws

2 - The amateur way the draws had been messed with

3 - Initial test with plywood but due to the large hole is distorted so I used MDF

4 - Shows the old draw and my modified draw. My friend had 0.56 stainless he gave me for the backing plate

5 - The original handles were chrome screws so I bought beads that were only drilled half way. I needed two diameters for the csk screws and this is how I aligned the holes

6 - The felt should have had the cuts to allow the felt to fit into the recess but it just got too fiddly so I just forced the felt into the recess 

7 - The completed draw. I should have cut the felt slightly bigger than draw as when the felt was forced into the recess it pulled some of the felt away from the edge

8 - Stages of the draw build

9 - Finished cabinet that hold 98 tsuba

It was a snug fit that would have been better if I used 8mm MDF rather than 9mm


I tried to remove the last duplicated image but when I do it just comes back - what a pain!
























Tsuba cabinet (1).jpg

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Great job - I love to re-use things that can be useful in new ways - we humans are often so wasteful of wonderful objects that just need a little thought to have a second life. Thinking inside the box [rather than outside for a change] top marks Grev. :thumbsup:

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excellent Grev, very good job!

I am also another fan of up cycling. I did my own version with an old cutlery canteen I won at auction very very cheap. I removed all the old linings and re-installed some new velour replacements, created some timber partitions and then sewed up some little fabric baggies (light blue shown under the guards). the front was "decorated" with a few metal Tsuba looking things too.

admittedly the Tsuba are on display most of the time, but it has been great for moving the collection or safe housing when needed.

not as nice as your own, but it does the job







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Nice comments - thanks. I think upcycling can be done with very little skill as shown in my box. I forgot to say that I buy pre-glued felt as the first felt I glued myself but the glue showed through the felt - not nice

Nice box Stephen. Amy more upcycled items?


Now my cabinet has been completed I can remove some tsuba from my wall cabinets as they were way over crowded

These are ready to go back into my wall cabinets and look much better as there is more space to see them



This was my first box for carrying my tsuba and kozuka about especially to fairs. It was charity find children's tool box that I made draws for and added handles and veneer to the top. Soon it was too small but still usedful





Second cabinet was a cheap eBay buy that was very poorly made. First a rub down, a light stain then and added the partitions. These hold my for sale tsuba and I take it to fairs as it holds loads of tsuba



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I love it Grev, well done. I'm very passionate about up cycling, I have have literally hundreds of examples I've done, although I don't have pictures of many on hand (two pictured below though), I have done at least 5 other storage boxes for Tsuba sized collections. I don't want to deviate this thread from your excellent drawer, but one of the last up cycles I've done has been for my wife. I won a 1910 Australian Wertheim piano, but full restoration was prohibitively expensive, so instead of re-selling for parts or scrap, I decided to retro fit a new casio s150 digital Piano into it. Up cycling an old piano to a newer old piano??





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Not exactly upcycling, more re-purposing an old printer’s cabinet and adding a display box to the top.

Now all I have to do is fill it up 😊








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