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Translation help on Hizen Yoshitsugu sword

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Dear All

I have a katana that I am trying to translate all of the kanji.

It is tachi mei and on the tachi-omote side it has



Hizen Kuni ju Yoshitsugu


This seems to be a Hizen smith from the early 1600’s.


On the tachi-ura side there are about 36 kanji.  Looks to be from the WWII period.

Here is what I have so far and at the Chicago show I had some help that is also listed.

Any help in finding the correct kanji and translation would be great.


Right Hand Side

争Daitō Sensō (The Greater East Asia War)


発hotsu, hatsu, patsu


春haru, syun

入nyū, ju







大tai, dai, oO

?逋ho, ura


Left Hand Side




? min民



? i


百hyaku, momo, byaku

八hachi (8)



円tan, en

?uku ru

之kore, shi, no




菖蒲ayame, bu



?Bu ro


david from Montana



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Hello David,

I'll give you the kanji (you already have most of it) and the readings. I'll put it in a way that might make translation easier for you



大東亜戦争勃発新春入営際  Daitōa sensō boppatsu shinshun nyūei sai
古郷村民誠心以参百八拾余円贈之   Furusato sonmin seishin motte, sanbyaku hachijū amari en okuru kore

佐賀大浦 菖蒲道三郎  Saga, Ōura. Shōbu Michisaburō



The last 9 are a location name, and a name. 

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Dear Steve


Thanks for the kanji.  I did try to translate but not sure if I am even close. 

Please no laughing. :)

On the occasion of the greater east asia war enlisting at the outbreak in the spring.

Shōbu Michisaburō of Saga, Ōura was awarded this sword by a sincere old hometown villager after gathering 108 yen.


please let me know how bad is this translation.



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Not bad at all.

I would say


On the occasion of enlistment upon the outbreak of the Great East Asia War, early spring. (My guess would be 1942?)

Over 380 yen was collected through the sincere efforts of the townspeople of the hometown, and we hereby present this to you:

Oura, Saga. Shōbu Michisaburō 


(could also be read as Dōsaburō). 

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Amazing how swords were considered so important and as a symbol, that an entire small village would fundraise to purchase a sword for a person going off to war.

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