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Katana tansu build

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The long top drawer is made of solid mahogany with a mahogany veneer base—I built it like I was making a humidor, and with two-way humidity control packs, I hope to be able to keep koshirae at a pretty constant 49% humidity.  



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The gunsafe came with a little led light set in the inside of the drawer face, but I removed it and installed different lighting.  I used a diffuser filter and amber light gels to tint the light a nice candlelight color:


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On the underside of the gunsafe’s lid, right at the mouth of the drawer, there is a 1/4” metal flange set at 90 degrees that I drilled through.  I attached an aluminum led light strip bar (https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/aluminum-channels/micro-alu-led-strip-channel-universal/2039/)by drilling and tapping the bar laterally to accept #4-40 socket head screws.  Three screws hold the whole assembly in place, and I don’t lose any more headspace than the flange was already taking up:



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11 hours ago, PNSSHOGUN said:

the joinery is superb

Perhaps until you look behind the curtain—then:  buh buh BUMMM....

Nothing but butt-joints & brackets.

(The brackets have been countersunk with a router so as to avoid tangling up the drawers, but that was my only concession to professionalism.  All you need to build this box is a table saw and a router.  And a drill press helps.)


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30 minutes ago, Shugyosha said:

Great choice of wood which must have been hell to work. 

Not hell at all—I don’t have any veneer bags, or an air pump or anything.  I just cut the veneer, taped it to some MDF and rolled heat-activated veneer glue on both it and the plywood substrate.  After a few hours, a second coat to each.  The glue dries to a firm, plastic-y consistency.  Then you mate the pieces and iron them with a clothes iron.  

Cost of entry is so low that if you have any interest at all in veneering, there’s no reason not to get a bottle of heat-activated glue (and a roller, and a veneer saw) and give it a go...

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