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Full Set Nihonto Taikan by Homma/Sato for sale


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I am offering for sale a complete set of 7 books Nihonto Taikan by Junji Homma / Kanzan Sato published Showa 41 to 47
(Koto vol.I-III, Shinto Vol. I-II, Toso-hen, Kodogu-hen)
The whole set weighs about 40kg


1,800 EUR plus PP fee + postage
No additional charges within the EU

nihonto taikan.jpg

nihonto taikan 2.jpg

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It may be interesting for someone to buy only books for the part they are dedicated to
So I also offer sales for three separate sets

KOTO I - III (3 books) ... 900, - EUR
Shinto I-II (2 books) ... 600, - EUR
Toso + Kodogu (2 books) ... 600, - EUR


Still valid: postage to EU countries included


BTW - this set is probably the best and most extensive set of books about nihonto
Nearly 3,500 pages in large B4 format - a selection of the best

If you look around - the price per set is 4-5k USD

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