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New Wakizashi, my recent purshase


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I recently purshase this wakizashi.

Nagasa : 53 cm

It is not in good state with a lot of scratches and oxydations. 

Hamon is suguha.  

I first see it as shinto genroku, but after few day inspecting it, I now I see this blade as a sue koto.

In fact, what bother me for shinto, is that the hamon goes strait to the nakago behind the habaki, that is more a koto feature. Also, there is no evidence of a machi okuri, and nakago seems ubu.


I would be happy to hear your opinion: shinto ? koto ?




Nakago (1).JPG

Nakago (2).JPG

Sugata (1).JPG

Sugata (2).JPG

Sugata (3).JPG

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It looks very much like a typical shinto wakizashi to me. I don't think that hamon is strong evidence of it being an older sword, particularly when the shape and curve are both very suggestive of a shinto wakizashi. 

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Hi Sebastian, 


For me, there’s not enough detail to go beyond a rough date. As Steve said, it looks like a typical Shinto wakizashi. The hada looks like itame and the boshi is a continuation of the hamon. 

It’s hard to say more. The detail you’ve identified in the hamon may be there or it may be some looseness in the nioi guchi but I’m at my limit with what I can see. 

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Hello John,


Unfortunately the blade has too much scratches to be able to sort out good pics. :(

For the hada, it looks like nagare and hamon seems to be in ko nie deki. My gut feeling goes to Shinto Seki or Owari, but I requested opinion based on photo to don"t influence someone in a school or another.

Anyway, thanks for the interest :)


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At the first look i would say shinto. But at the second look i would go to late muromachi.

Hamon and Hada looks very intersting.

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As to the hamon running into the nakago; the appearance seems to show that the blade is machi okuri, based on the location of the nakagoana , and the coloration of the top of the nakago. This would account for the hamon running into the nakago. Appears to be late koto or early shinto, can't say much more due to condition.

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Thank you both for your comments.

I know it is hard based only on photo. I can add that kasane is arount 6 mm at mune machi. I would expect a little more for a shinto blade and that's also why I have doubt on which period.

Yes, Chris, the hamon as a lot of small activities and bigger ones near the ha machi. hada is more tricky to see and more and more difficulte to catch with the camera !


I bought it only 5 days ago. I do not have long time to study it deeper.


Here is the saya with the accumulated dust. Previous owner hang the sword on the wall for 70 years ! It was almost black.

Once cleaned, saya show a nice green lacquer with mother-of-pearl spangles.

IMG_9485 - Copie.JPG

IMG_9534 - Copie.JPG

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