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EMS Sword Shipping to USA to resume June 1st

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Hi everyone,


There is good news!  EMS shipping to the USA will resume on June 1st.  This includes Japanese sword shipments!


There is also bad news...the prices have risen. It seems EMS shipments are arranged by agreement between specific countries and contracted airline carriers.  This complicated contractual arrangement accounts for why there are difficulties shipping EMS to certain countries especially regarding swords.  It becomes especially difficult when packages require stopovers or transit transfers in a third country. Therefore, the basic situation is sword shipments by EMS must be carried on direct flights to the destination country. Some airline carriers refuse to carry swords but handle other EMS packages. Some countries are stuck in negotiations regarding the fees pertaining to EMS shipping. The US and Japan have concluded their agreement and with the price hike EMS shipments will be resumed. This long delay was being

blamed on a reduced number of flights due to the Covid pandemic, and this initially was the case but it was further complicated by contractual dispute over the pricing of EMS services.  Expect to see an increase of approximately 15 - 20 % ......Regardless of the increase it is still reasonable....




Robert Hughes

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Wonderful to hear EMS is resuming shipments. 


I had ordered an Iaito from Nosyudo spring of last year, it was ready by early summer, but with EMS down I had to wait forever. Finally bit the bullet right before the holidays and paid to have them FedEx it.




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