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Fun auction to support the forum. Proposal.

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The running of the site is barely covered by the various membership schemes, apparently, meaning that there is very little spare going into the kitty. 


I would like to offer a rare and unusual object for sale, all proceeds to go to the NMB. It is a large copper *medal, boxed. 200 gm, 3 inches (7.5 cm)  across, and it was the first object to be guessed in '20 Questions' here. To the highest bidder by the end of 31 May 2021 midnight Japan time, I will send this, ordinary small air package, postage free. How about a starting price of $20 US?


The top bidder will send the money directly to the site, or wherever Brian designates, and I will send the medal directly to them.


*These medals were handed to all 90(?) members of the first Japanese Embassy to the USA in Washington DC by President Buchanan in 1860. There were ten or twenty gold and silver medals, and up to 70 copper ones, I believe, but I've long since forgotten the detailed breakdown. Please do your own research. Details of the medal itself are given in the Twenty Questions thread, page 2 below, and the stories behind their curious mission and their enthusiastic reception by the people of the US can be found on the web. Some example links I have also posted in the same Twenty Questions thread, and they make fascinating reading.


Condition? Generally fine, with some dings on both sides. (I have owned this one for about 15 years, so I am happy if it is welcomed to a new home.)


Never done this before, so, if there are any life-saving suggestions, please say so now. If not, let the thread run. If no-one bids, I will send Brian $20 and happily keep the medal! :laughing:


Brian, OK?


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I don't know jack about this kind of stuff, but just out of curiosity I searched for one on eBay.  There is one for sale, graded MS-63 by NGC, listed at $2250.  I don't know if that guy knows any more about them than I do, but it's a data point.  There were none listed as sold.  Good luck to all the snipers out there that are waiting until the end to grab this one!!

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Matt, 2:00 pm here now, i.e. 10 hours to go until Japan midnight. 


1. Please contact Brian as to how you would like to pay.

2. When Brian contacts me, I will then ask the winner for their forwarding address etc. (You?) :)


Fair warning...


PS On Saturday I had a letter from the USA, which took ten days to get here. So the mail does seem to be moving...

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No probs, Matt, take your time and take it away! Thank you, all of you, for volunteering to uphold this valuable site. 


PS I was owing Brian one for all he has done for me here. Sssshhh...  :beer: :thumbs:  Many thanks!

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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