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FS: Dated Sukesada Wakizashi (1580)


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Time to change the atmosphere and open fresh air for my new acquisitions so here it goes. It isn't papered However I guarantee Hozon as it is or your money back. I am here for the long haul so definitely not looking to pull a fast one. The blade has no loose hada, no rust and IMHO a Japanese trained togishi probably wouldn't need to go back many stones to make it pristine. I see an amazing o gunome hamon and tightly kniw hada throughout and the boshi is still well preserved. No , this is Not kazu uchi mono judging by many factors.  Also, many know that thin gasane was a trait for Sukesada at that period so as you may see not much has been 'shaved' off. I think it is a great and healthy blade that needs minimum to be pristine once again.


Nagasa: 18"

Motogasane: 5.1mm

Mihaba: 27 mm

Sakihaba: 22mm


2500 obo plus PP. Free shipping in the ConUS











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On 6/15/2021 at 1:05 AM, Winchester said:

I will purchase based on our conversation. Thanks in advance, John.


I just want to share what a great experience I had during my meeting with Brian. Respectful, on time and just all around stand up person. I highly recommend him!


The blade is now sold!


Protect it in good health Brian!


Kind regards



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25 minutes ago, Swords said:

Really nice sword I saw pictures maybe one day I Will find a higher end sword like that 



Thank you


I have more coming up for sale soon



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I love the hamon 

This is a very typical hamon of Sukesada that has a great temper line.

A very nice piece for a new comer to the hobby or current Sukesada enthusiast.

Thanks for the share.

Wish I seen this post sooner for I would have bought it myself.

What can I say ..... I'm a sucker for a jagged choji hamon.

Cheers brothers 

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