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Intermediate Article - Japanese Tanegashima Musketry

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Good evening everyone,


Trying to find something entirely unrelated a photo lured me to the following article which for me is interesting. For longtime collectors studied on these things i doubt there will be any new information but I felt it was still more thorough than just basic information and its not copy paste information recompiled (i checked with a few paragraphs). Amongst other parts it goes into schools specialized in using these firearms and also gives some very specific instruction and details on use, instructions, to me knowing nothing it seems information comparable to the juicy details you get in the connoisseurs book. In short i couldn't find this information elsewhere so it might be worth adding it here as a reference (but obviously I can't attest to the validity and or truth to what is written - get some salt). Hope its of some interest and hopefully someone can confirm just how accurate the information is.







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Not wishing to offend the writer of this article, especially as he has made a great effort to write in English, but it is perhaps 50 to 60% accurate, and the rest is, well, colorful to put it diplomatically. If you read it in that spirit, then it is an enjoyable read.


I will not go into detail, but the first paragraph sets the tone. The Mongols never had matchlocks at the time of the invasions. What they had was a kind of sling-shot mortar or grenade, filled with black powder on a fuse, called a Tetsu-bau/hau, confusingly read as 'Teppo' or gun by many people in Japan. Possibly the first word for gun, teppo, referred back through the Chinese to explosive bundles of any kind. See a Tetsu-hau illustrated here:


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I stopped reading at the ”by 1544 massproduction of the Tanegashima was was in full sving all over Japan” or something to that effect. 
At 50-60% historical accuracy, you should not spend too much energy on this text.

Quite amazing that a Japanese, which judging by the picture, owns such a large collection, doesn’t know more about his native history.

To quote our favorite orange ex-president: Sad, so sad 🙂🙂🙂



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