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Shinto Katana in Shingunto Koshirae

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I'm joining the shingunto for sale bandwagon with the twist that it's holding a shinto period blade. I'm pretty sure this is a Kanbun era mumei with a 66.7cm nagasa, in old kesho polish. I would like to ask for 2600$ USD + shipping. 100$ will be donated to NMB out of that; this place has been a great help so might as well share anything sold here. I would like to use paypal for the transaction.


And since I'm in a place full of expert collectors, I think it's better I post as many decent photos as I can and go light on descriptions apart from a full disclosure of flaws: it's got a field leather covered saya that's in good shape apart from some cracks in the mouth and the leather chords being tattered but the lock mechanism doesn't work and the knob on the ashi that would have suspended the sword is broken. Blade seems to be okay but there are some shallow scratches, mostly on the shinogi and more towards the monouchi, absolute ugliest scratch would be the one in the lone picture (located in monouchi): I checked with good lighting, nitrile gloves and a jewelry loop and made sure that it's an interrupted, shallow scratch, mostly on the shinogi that does not extend to the edge (nor is there any abnormality on the other side's edge) so I'm sure it's not hagiri but instead a scratch, probably an ugly scar from the war but a superficial scar nonetheless. Apart from that there are a couple of spots where the forging seems coarse in the shinogi of the tsubamoto.


Also the gunto gilding/silvering seems to be nearly 100% intact, the company grade officer tassel looks good to me, and the gunto parts all have matching numbers and the Torokusho is in the attached image.


I've uploaded a high resolution video of the nagasa part of the blade here: it'll need to be viewed under high quality since the default omits all the details.












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