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I offer for sale a NAGAMITSU gendai-to. No stamps no date, in fantastic RS (type 3, type 0) mounts, complete, even down to the original securing screw. 

NAGAMITSU is becoming (or has in fact become) a really desirable collectable sword smith of WW2. Much has been written about him, and I welcome you to research him. The value of this smith is increasing, and will continue to increase. 

Many of his swords are mounted this way, with lacquered ITO over a burlap SAME, these are premium mounts. The beautifully cut MEI, is on a a very clean NAKAGO. Also, like many fittings of this kind, there is the "broken heart" stamp on the SEPPA. 

There is no rust, no pits, in war time polish, with two small nail catchers (in photo) that attest to its war time use. This must have belonged to a wealthy officer as it is a premium sword. 

At only AUD2550, express delivered anywhere, that is less than USD 2000 at todays exchange rate! I doubt you will find better value for money.  










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Hi Neil, 

Could you show a picture of the entire blade just to get the chips in perspective.  Also, is there any loss/deterioation of the saya  'covering' between the ashi and koiguchi?


Thanks Rob 

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Glad you asked Rob, the photos you asked for actually show how nice the sword really is, with the patina expected on a combat sword. 




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Thanks Neil, 


Yes this is nice....some wear but I'm one of those who prefer a sword that has 'been there done that' and this ticks that box.  Cant deny this is a fine RS example.  


Will pm you.




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