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Request for kanji assistance please

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Dear fellow enthusiasts,

I just bought a new gunto for my collection, but i keep struggeling with the kanji signatures.

could somebody please help? 
The closest i got is “kanehisa”. The “hisa” looks rather straight forward, but the “kane” I’m not sure about. Then again, I might even be mistaken about that one. :roll:

I also noticed a “w” stamp on top and bellow the signature. I remember a post where there was some interest in these as well.

Any info would be great. Hope somebody can help.

Thanks a lot.




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Kanehisa seems right, I believe this smith along with Yoshiharu and others worked in the same shop producing swords. They will have the same Mei cutter, "W" stamp and Koshirae with synthetic Samegawa. The blades have no arsenal stamps and are oil quenched mill steel blades with Suguha hamon.

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Hmmmm... the plot thickens...

In any case, thank you John, Jean and Chris. All look very probable to me... this kanji is killing me.

so should i just pick the smith that’s best rated? :laughing:

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2 hours ago, Bruce Pennington said:

Japanese sword index has it as Takehisa:


They have 4 oshigata of Kanehisa and none use this kanji.


I think you are right Bruce.


This one shows it as Takehisa too.


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