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Gunto Tsuba

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This can be a problem as to how to relocate a downloaded picture.  I have tried searching for images using the original file name but have never been able to relocate a picture this way.


Another way of locating a picture I learned from "Dave R" was to simply drag & drop the image into Google Image search.  This feature was added in 2011 and it has identified a couple of pictures that I did not have source information for.  Go to https://images.google.com/ and click on the image of the camera to the left of the magnifying glass icon.  From the popup, click on "Upload an image" and then drag and drop the image into the search box.


And finally, this is how I handle the situation of relocating a picture.  I add a suffix to the picture file name denoting the forum, user's name, and date.  It would look something like this: nmb-brucepennington-20210719.  For example, if I need to go back to that post, I can hover my mouse over your name in the post above and then click "Find Content".   From there, I just click through the various pages until I come to the date of your post.  It can be time consuming at times but it has always worked for me.


Practice makes perfect and below is an example of a picture that I saved from this forum.  Now see how long it takes to relocate the source of the picture without cheating!  [The new NMB forum system will add an additional alpha-numeric string after the original file name, in this case 4c0138e8e6f3e3c0d8445fcbc853c0e7, as one can see in the example below.]


If by chance someone has a better way, I am open to any and all suggestions.


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