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Masamune's Tomb (?)

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Hi Tom....


Thanks for bringing this to the attention of others ...... I didn't want to post it myself.....in the budo spirit of humility..... even though it would serve as powerful advertising...


Many, many hours go into the preparatory and planning stages....then a day in on-site planning for story continuity... and then the big day filming which lasted from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.   There were many retakes due to outside noise interference of general traffic and tourism in Kamakura.  Actually, we shot around two hours of content that was whittled down to fifteen minutes.  Lots of historical overview and some mistakes were edited out......and most of my humorous quips got a quick cutting test....... The final stage is the tedious editing done professionally by a talented professional in Kamakura, Mr. Oe who deserves credit for both his camera work and his editing skill.


I hope NMB folks enjoy this.... It took a lot of work....  Can we move it so it starts an original thread as the Soshu tradition it might get overlooked attached to the bottom of Guido's ego....I mean thread....?





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