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help ,i need to check this katana ww2

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Save your time and money. This guy is a well-known charlatan and that blade has been "monkeyed" with. Do NOT buy any of his items. He tampers with all of them and ruins them in doing so, while overcharging for what he claims they are.


My suspicion is that this blade has been heavily tampered with by adding a dremel-cut horimono and shoehorning it into a Frankenstein setup of gunto/misc parts.

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Hello Carlos,

                      As above.....Hate to see people getting ripped off so DO NOT BUY IT..........That site is although useful for many things is probably one of the worse places to look for a sword and seems to be getting worse !!  ......Check out Militaria dealers they are offering nice swords with a guarantee of authenticity and avoid any type of auction site would be my advice..

 Good Luck,


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You can easily get something really nice for that money. Take your time, avoid a flood of private messages, and choose something in polish and with papers.
Have you looked in our own For Sale section and the dealer section? Plenty of good swords for that budget. I'm not going to recommend certain dealers, we have a lot of good guys.
This is just one example:

There are many more.

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Eric is one of the few good sellers on eBay; he is also a member here. But like any of us here would suggest; buy a few books, do some research first before buying your first sword. That way, when you buy your first sword, you'll truly know what you want. Many of us here did not and ended up with some real dogs.


I see you're not exactly new but my suggestion? Stick around a while! Learn a few things from the many experienced people here; you won't regret it and it may spark a life-long passion! And it will only deepen your appreciation for your first blade.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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