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'Tentative' extra charges for EMS from Japan, 1 June 2021

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Popped into the local Japan Post Office yesterday to update them on my latest package abroad. Sent on 20 March, it arrived at customs in Europe on 16 April. Delivery on the 20th meant that it took exactly one month in total. (A near identical package took just a week earlier this year.)


The good lady behind the plastic curtain smiled and said "Yes, it's a lottery, with very few planes flying nowadays. Be aware though that from 1st June EMS will be hiking their prices quite considerably. So if there's anything you want to send, do it now."


Looking at the leaflet she gave me, a 2 kg package to the Oceania, the Americas and the Middle East is now JPY 4,500, but will rise by 1,600 for a new charge of JPY 6,100. Equally, to Europe, the same package which was JPY 5,000 will cost JPY 6,000 effective 1st June. 


Attaching 'tentative' extra charges chart...


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I’ll see if I can get definitive answers to these questions. The chart shows charges to the USA and the lady in the post office said EMS was going there when I asked, but her eyes did not look 100% sure. As to air mail, watch this space...

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Frank, I think your answer is to be found in another confusingly similar thread here recently.


By way of update, I tried to send a package to Canada yesterday from the Japanese post office, but EMS is still not offered as an option.


Nothing to do with the price of fish, but I also had a package sent from London to Sweden at the end of April. This finally arrived yesterday after a month in total limbo. Even with a tracking number, it showed simply, for nail-biting weeks, a dotted line to customs at Heathrow, and, then, a................ void. 


I had prayer sessions going. What is wrong with the world that we have to rely on prayer? I will say though, that the relief when it comes is seriously palpable.



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Thank you Piers, my polisher sent a message confirming it will ship this month. I have also been waiting for over two months for a couple of tsubas that were shipped by Surface. Tracking only shows when they had sent it out of Japan. Hopefully they eventually arrive.

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