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?Cut down replica

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Hi there,


I have just seen this sword on eBay with the following photograph:




I am casting no aspersions on the seller, who markets the blade as a bit of an unknown.


Am I correct in stating that this is a cut down replica rather than a cut down bona fide Type 95?


For starters, the handle is leather-wrapped not metal, the tsuba is incorrect being of some silver metal and the fuchi also made of the same metal. If there was a metal handle underneath, the wrapping would look a little bulkier than it does in that photograph in my opinion.


Kind Regards,



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Sorry, I have attempted to show two photographs from the listing, but they are clearly not uploading. 

The photograph I have provided should be able to provide enough detail.

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The fuchi stamps are legit.  The "Ichi" contractor is one of the stamps we THINK is of the Kobe Shoten shop.  The blade could be one that was cut in half after the war and re-shaped by a post-war owner or a Japanese shop selling souvenirs. 

@Stegel and @Shamsy should see this.  Quite an interesting development for this war sword's life.

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On 4/6/2021 at 3:01 PM, Droocoo said:

tsuba is incorrect being of some silver metal and the fuchi also made of the same metal


Fuchi can be plated. Not sure about tsuba. Looks more like a trick of the light than actual steel colour though. Looks like a cut down sword, though pic quality is very low for me. There are a few swords with handles that have been modified. I have a pattern 5 with the handle being replaced by leather and plexiglass washers. That's not that uncommon and Raymond LeBar has a few examples of this being done to bayonets too. I guess you could call it trench art?

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You can just make out the remains of the serial number just ahead of the Habaki, definitely a WWII NCO sword that has been repurposed.



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