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Exhibition: 66th Newly Designated Important Swords and Fittings

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Greetings sword friends!


Although I realize this announcement may only be a source of frustration due to limited travel opportunities, I still believe it is worth mentioning. Residents of Japan certainly still have an opportunity to make a pilgrimage to the Japan Sword Museum.  If you have not been to the new facility, it really is spectacular. The lighting on the swords is well-done and the swords come alive... well not exactly dancing but the impact is strong and the features are visible. Of newly designated Juyo on exhibit there are thirty-six blades, eight koshirae, and thirty-seven fittings.


Of the seven swords I submitted to the Juyo Shinsa in 2020, belonging to myself and my clients, three received Juyo designation. A few of the swords I sold to clients in the past year also made Juyo this year. One of the swords I handled for restoration was selected for the exhibition (as not all new Juyo blades are put on display). It is a first generation Tamba No Kami Yoshimichi owned by my friend and client, Matt Jarrell. Polished by Mr. Dodo of Hiroshima, it is something to behold. Most of you are aware how difficult it is to get Juyo designation for late Koto, Shinto, and Shin-shinto blades. Congratulations to Mike Yamazaki as two fittings in his name are also included in the exhibition this time. Please see the attachments in the next posting for the translated list of exhibits.....files are too large to attach here.


The exhibition runs from February 27th through to April 11th.


If you plan on visiting the museum, budget some extra time to explore the beautiful former Yasuda Family garden. The ground floor lounge of the museum building looks out onto the garden and pond. You can sip a tea while looking out over the pond..... It will do wonders to calm your spirit...while you meditate on sharp steel... or shakudo fittings....



66th Juyo Exhibition 2.jpg

66th Juyo Exhibition 1.jpg

66th Juyo Exhibition.pdf

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Here is the third page of newly designated Juyo items on display! It seems I can't load up the fourth page... I have maxed out (4.88 MB)


Sadly, photographs of the exhibits are not allowed.... Matt will never have the pleasure of seeing his treasured blade in this exhibition! Pandemic fate.....





Juyo Exhibition 3.pdf

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