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Assistance with this hakogaki?

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on the outside i can read 花文透鐔 Kamon Sukashi tsuba and on top right 無銘 mumei
Inside seems to be 丸形 Maru gata and the rest is quite hard for me, there's another 無銘 mumei and the signature is the one of Kanzan

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Inshū Suruga

Hanamon sukashi tsuba


I'm not confident about mon (文)





Marugata tetsu-ji ?? (nawa-zu?) 

Mimi sukashi mumei

Inshū Suruga

Showa mizunoene (1972) nen, shiwasu (December)

Kanzan shirusu + kaō


I can't get the last two on the first line (far right of the inside of the box). Usually this would describe the design. If you could show the tsuba it might fall into place. I'm not confident about mimi-sukashi either. "Mimi kaeshi" 耳返し would make sense, but this seems clearly to be 耳かし (mimi sukashi), which is a term I've never heard of. This too might be clarified if we saw the tsuba itself. 


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Hmm. Not much to go on. I can't find the "hana" in that tsuba. I'm not quite sure about the Suruga attribution either.

May be that the box is for a different tsuba, but there are people more qualified than I am to make this call. 

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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