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Collection of photos from WWII smith's


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Hello together,
I always find it nice to see a face to the smith. I found a photo of Ishido Teruhide (Kikuchi Seiichi) - 石堂輝秀 (菊池清一) b.1900 - d.1982

I have a sword from him and hope to make others with it also a small joy. 





Maybe there is interest to collect more photos from WWII smith's here.

Ishido Teruhide (Kikuchi Seiichi).jpg

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1952, meeting at Fujiwara's home, Seki swordsmith gets ready for forging the sword again.

Sitting from left to right:
1.朝日新聞記者 Reporter fromThe Asahi Shimbun
2.美濃刀匠擁護會初代會長後藤治兵衛 First President of Mino Swordsmith Advocacy Association Goto Jihei
3.二十三代藤原兼房  23th Gen Fujiwara Kanefusa 
4.栗原彥三郎昭秀 Kurihara Akihide(with walking stick) 
5.關市市長龜山  Seki Mayor Kameyama
Standing from left to right:
1.二十四代藤原兼房 24th Gen Fujiwara Kanefusa 
3.纐纈兼上 Koketsu Kanekami
4.加藤都男 Kato Kunio
5.小島兼道 Kojima Kanemichi
6.土岐亮信 Toki Sukenobu
7.淺野兼真 Asano Kanezane

9.後藤兼廣 Goto Kanehiro
10.村山兼俊 Murayama Kanetoshi


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This photo was taken the same day, Front roll from left to right:
1.森田兼重 Morita Kaneshige
2.未知 Unknown
3.武山義尚 Takeyama Yoshinao
4.栗山兼明 Kuriyama Kaneaki
5.小島兼則 Kojima Kanenori
Backroll second from left:
藤原兼時 Fujiwara Kanetoki

Others unknown


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Perhaps someone here can help. I think Master Takahashi Yoshimune is sitting on the chair and behind him are his students: Imai Sadahige, Imai Hisatsugu, Minamoto Yoshihide and Toriō Hiromasa? But who is who?




Takahashi Yoshimune.png

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